My name is Ethze and I am the only surviving member of the Thal, a once great species. I was born on Skaro before the Thousand Year War and far before the birth of the Daleks. I am several thousand years old, you must forgive me if I have lost count, and while some might deem that impossible, I am living proof that it is not as such. I do warn you, please do not question the obvious for I am unlikely to provide an answer.

[Independent RP blog for this Doctor Who OC. Her back story will be reviewed in full under a tab (once I get this fully completed). FC is Emilia Clarke and I own nothing by my words. Character and Mun are +18 but I'm not sure if NSFW will happen at all. If so, it will be under a cut. Multi-fandom friendly and I would love to rp with everyone! Welcome and thank you for joining me.]
The Last Daughter of Skaro

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"The Oncoming Storm." she said in a soft tone.

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